Crazy Cats Love

Crazy Cats Love

Game description

Two cats made for each other but their families are moving! Stuck in traveling crates, the pair cannot reunite without your help. Crazy Cats Love is a fast-paced physics puzzler where your only goal is get the two caged cats together. Use fans, ramps, levers and boxes to push and flip the two crazy cats through the air and back into contact. From the house to the airport these two cats need your help through 130 levels. Earn the most stars by finding the fastest solutions.

The Main features

  • Fast, "fur"-ious fun
  • Physics puzzler with 130 levels
  • Easy to use interface just point and click
  • Earn the maximum stars by acting quickly
  • Great for kids and animal lovers!


Information of the game

Title: Crazy Cats Love
Genre: Casual
Developer: Wolf Games
Publisher: Interplay
Release Date: 25 August 2011
Languages: English

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Crazy Cats Love Crazy Cats Love Crazy Cats Love Crazy Cats Love Crazy Cats Love Crazy Cats Love
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